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sometimes you just need a laugh 

We specialize in humor, we write it for our clients to deliver.

Sharp, fresh, highly original and extremely funny​

Our writers create standup jokes and bits that are performed by top pro comedians on Comedy Central, NBC, ABC, and the CBS Late Late Show (with both Craig Kilborn & Craig Ferguson). FBW wrote an entire TV special for one of the top standups in Europe and writes extensive material for killer comedians that sell out 1,500 seat theaters.  

Top tier humorists
The writing staff has trained and performed at the prestigious Second City L.A., the Upright Citizens' Brigade, Comedy Central's live theater in L.A., and at many of America's most famous comedy clubs. Most of all, they know how to write and create appropriate, effective, and funny content for just about any situation. 

Incredible value
You get the cutting-edge quality of Hollywood comedy writers at a surprisingly affordable price! 

Comedy Sample | 1

Written samples available upon request.
All work done on an hourly or fee-per-job basis.
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