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Sharp & powerful humor changes everything.
It turns ignoring into paying attention; attention into emotionally connecting; connecting into deeply caring; caring into remembering and wanting more; and wanting more into winning relationships.

Products Offered

• Custom Personalized Funny Speeches & Presentations
​• Custom Personalized Funny Roasts
• Sketch Scripts for Solo or Multiple Performers
• Humorous Content for Website/Newsletter/Email/Mailer
• Custom Written & Produced Novelty Videos (Often with celebrity impersonations/faces)
• Knock-down, rolling-on-the-floor, multiple-slaps-on-the-back successes, over and over, with speeches & roasts for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduations, Promotions, Awards Events & more. 

Yes! That's a very smart decision.


In a nutshell, online content, which includes social media, is a very efficient, affordable and effective way of heightening your brand and increasing your reach, spreading the knowledge of your products or services, creating connections with potential customers and, ultimately, increasing revenue.

Content marketing means valuable, well-written, stand alone articles or blog posts that educate, inspire and entertain readers and have real merit as neutral informational content- separate from just “advertising” or “marketing”. You are offering readers a trusted resource- excellent, compelling magazine (or quality blog) level writing on topics of interest to them. 

This is different from old fashioned, all-about-our-product advertising. It offers an enriching experience even if they never buy what you’re selling. If you’re a pet store, your content marketing would not just yell off the page “Buy our leashes! Buy our water bowls! Buy our scratching posts!”. Rather you would publish online a series of informational articles (optionally in blog form) with titles like “Different Leashes for Different Dogs,” “How Much Water Does Your Pet Need?”, and “Dependent Claws: A Cat’s Impulse To Scratch.” This high quality content marketing is not just SEO (highly searchable words) click bait. It is an enjoyable and enriching reading experience that visitors will stay with, and then they will come back for more. 

Content Writing Services

Content Writing Samples


Should we hire Word Magic Marketing

for online content writing?

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