Sharp & powerful humor changes everything.
It turns ignoring into paying attention; attention into emotionally connecting; connecting into deeply caring; caring into remembering and wanting more; and wanting more into winning relationships.

Products Offered

• Custom Personalized Funny Speeches & Presentations
​• Custom Personalized Funny Roasts
• Sketch Scripts for Solo or Multiple Performers
• Humorous Content for Website/Newsletter/Email/Mailer
• Custom Written & Produced Novelty Videos (Often with celebrity impersonations/faces)
• Knock-down, rolling-on-the-floor, multiple-slaps-on-the-back successes, over and over, with speeches & roasts for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduations, Promotions, Awards Events & more. 

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In a nutshell, online content, which includes social media, is a very efficient, affordable and effective way of heightening your brand and increasing your reach, spreading the knowledge of your products or services, creating connections with potential customers and, ultimately, increasing revenue.

Content marketing means valuable, well-written, stand alone articles or blog posts that educate, inspire and entertain readers and have real merit as neutral informational content- separate from just “advertising” or “marketing”. You are offering readers a trusted resource- excellent, compelling magazine (or quality blog) level writing on topics of interest to them. 

This is different from old fashioned, all-about-our-product advertising. It offers an enriching experience even if they never buy what you’re selling. If you’re a pet store, your content marketing would not just yell off the page “Buy our leashes! Buy our water bowls! Buy our scratching posts!”. Rather you would publish online a series of informational articles (optionally in blog form) with titles like “Different Leashes for Different Dogs,” “How Much Water Does Your Pet Need?”, and “Dependent Claws: A Cat’s Impulse To Scratch.” This high quality content marketing is not just SEO (highly searchable words) click bait. It is an enjoyable and enriching reading experience that visitors will stay with, and then they will come back for more. 

Content Writing Services

Our Services

Social Media Content Writing

Social Media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any of the other popular networking sites, is the “public square” today where not only individuals but business brands display their personalities, points of view and their “value added”. A steady stream of strong content over time maintains and builds a following. You can’t “buy” this kind of advertising because social media posts interact with viewers in a very different and more dimensional way than does advertising.

Bottom Line Laughs

Your online content marketing and social media voice can be informative, incisive, helpful, authoritative, inspirational or cautionary. But it can also be funny. Humor tends to stand out and make viewers or readers feel good about the creator of said content. Well crafted humor carries its own reward, even separate from the information or message underlying the joke. Humor wins out a lot of the time. It sets apart brands and makes the reading of content a fun activity to be happily anticipated, rather than a mundane task resembling drudge work. While humorous online content may not be for every kind of business, it is right for many businesses, even brands selling services or products one thinks of as being “serious” or very proper. We create sharp, very readable and compelling content, and can write in a more dry, formal, serious style or can intersperse a great deal of lively, laugh-out-loud humor in with your message- depending upon what you like and what you need.

Content Writing Samples

Product Copywriting / Content Marketing

Food Products Company SuperfruitsThey Can’t Fly, But They Can Make You Feel Better Maybe you’ve heard the term “Superfruit,” and imagined a pineapple beating up criminals or a papaya flying through the air with a cape. You expected a whole new line of Marvel Comic movies with Citrus X-Men, Tropical Avengers and the Fantastic Four Berries. Sounds fun, and it would be, but the reality is a bit less cinematic while a lot more beneficial for your health and well-being. Superfruits are fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants as well as other nutrients, including vitamins and phytochemicals, that are believed to help prevent disease. Many scientists refer to them as “high polyphenolic fruits,” which makes them sound nothing like super heroes but exactly like cool music engineers. But the truth is, by whatever name, super fruits are good for your body and usually colorful and delicious, if a bit exotic. Let’s look at a few…

Content Marketing / "Goji Berry"

The goji berry- Latin name Lycium- comes from China, where it grows on woody perennial plants and studies kung fu on the side. The tiny goji resembles a raisin in a bright red jumpsuit because... what do you expect a super fruit to wear, dark slacks and a button up? The goji is also called the wolfberry, because Lycium sounds like lycos, the Greek word for wolf, and also because a goji berry once ate a chicken. The goji berry is in the nightshade family, related to the potato, tomato, eggplant and chili pepper, although it only sees them rarely at family reunions. Gojis are almost always cooked before consumption and are used in everything from teas and tonics to soups, cooked dishes and jellies. In the West the berries are showing up in yogurts, granola bars, juices and dried powders. The goji is categorized as both a fruit and an herb, leading to periodic identity crises, and lots of party invites. The goji contains fiber, protein, amino acids, Vitamins A, B, C & E, over 20 minerals and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and allegedly cures everything from insomnia and headaches to obesity, infertility and bad phone reception. Premium quality gojis from the Ningxia region are sometimes called “red diamonds,” although they are not considered an acceptable alternative to a wedding ring. In folklore, the goji is often called a “fountain of youth,” although with its wrinkly appearance the goji could probably use a spa day itself.

Social Media Posts (Various Clients)

・We don’t make sandwiches. We make profound, lifelong memories of having had an incredible sandwich. ・The details of auto insurance are all we think about. We’re horrible at a cocktail party, awesome when you get in an accident. ・We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of walks and not one of our dog clients has ever complained. Okay, a few have barked, and one growled but that was probably just a bramble in his paw. ・How effective are our organic, all-natural herbal supplements & remedies? I haven’t slept since 2013 & accidentally tore the door off my car.

Real Estate Agent / Blog Content

Not Just A Pretty Face on a Bus Stop Ad A house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Unless you happen to buy a stealth fighter jet or a champion race horse, in which case you’re probably not looking for a house, but a stone castle or small tropical island. But let’s assume you’re a house person. A good realtor can help you a lot in finding the dwelling that feels like a “home” and not just a house, a home being the place seamlessly intertwined with your personality, endeavors and friends and family. People’s responses to houses are subjective, so more expensive does not always mean “better” when it comes to suiting your tastes. A good realtor scours the landscape of homes for sale out there while also understanding your style and preferences, getting you into your “special place” well within your budget. People these days wouldn’t be crazy to associate the “best” realtor with the one whose face is on the most bus stop signs or billboards. Just drive around LA and you’ll see the self-claimed “superstar” realtors with their giant faces staring back at you in traffic. This one’s got a great mustache, that one has impossibly well-coiffed hair, those two work together as a pair and wear some pretty slick attire. What these big, flashy ads tell you is that these realtors have done a lot of business already and/or have been willing to invest a ton of money in advertising. But it doesn’t tell you about their sensibility, their approach to their clients, their near-obsessive diligence in treating each client as a special and important project. It in no way points to a deep and thorough knowledge of architectural styles, from Mid Century Modern to Mission Revival to American Craftsman, and all the ornate and functional features therein. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t say no to a bunch of huge bus stop ads. I have fantasy billboard spots on the road out of LAX and the left field wall at Dodger Stadium. I would even wear avant garde designer frame glasses and a cool hat. Talk about different! But what’s much more important is that yesterday, today and tomorrow I dedicate myself to giving each client the kind of personalized, flexible and patient service that they need, so that at the end they are in a house or condo that they love forever (or until they move into that castle in Burgundy). When I facilitate a sale, I feel good about helping people get settled and comfortable in their unique, long term home. And, okay, maybe I’m one step closer to my first bus stop sign, near the corner of Pico & Bundy.


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